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Alan is an international, award-winning artist, working from his traditional blacksmith forge deep in the heart of the Sussex Downs in the United Kingdom.

Forging with flame and hammer in steel, iron and copper, his sculptures are graceful and introcate yet brutal homages to the natural world and mythical creatures.

New pieces are available regularly, and Alan accepts bespoke commissions for sculpture, architectural elements and more.

Kraken by Alan Williams

Forging History

I use ancient objects, machine parts and industial materials, breathing new life into them by heating, beating, bending, welding and crafting.

I weave these objects and their history

into my forms to create introcate and natural pieces inspired by the brutal and magical forces of nature and Earth's creatures.

Heron by Alan Williams

New Life

Whether it's the tentacles of an octopus, or the feather plumage of an osprey, I want you to feel the history of these objects as they return to life as beings instilled with a passion and love for craft.

I work closely with my patrons and clients to bring them into the creation process, making your commission yours, deeply personal and bespoke.

Heron by Alan Williams
Workshop & Scultpure Days

Workshop & Sculpture Days

I always welcome people to my studio, and I also offer studio days and making experiences.

If you would like to make something in the forge with me, head on over to the events section or get in touch.

Heron by Alan Williams


My online shop is coming sooon! New work, auctions, prints, products and more.

Please join my mailing list to be kept updated as new work and items become available.

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